Birthday Letter

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dear sab,
happy birthday!!!!!! wow you’re so old omG i don’t wAnna be oLd yet! hahahahhaha. anyways, i want to take thIs time to thaNk you for everythinG, as in everythinG. thank you for being the bestest friend Anyone could have. i don’t know if you consider me your best friend but anyway i think of you as my best friend! you’re one of the nicest, funniest, sweetest, and craziest people i know and whenever i’m with you i’m always Laughing and having so much fun! i know that you always try to make people smIle, but you also have a serious side, where i know that i caN talk to you about almost anythinG and you’d take Me seriously and listen to me and try to help me. i knOw i’m not really a good friend and I don’t deserve you (omg Drama hahaha) and yeah thank you for still always being there fOr me. and the best thing about you is that you’re realLy honest and ew that’s so weird sounding but i mean you’re true to yourself, you are your own person and you don’t let anyone bring you down. since we’ve been friends, I’ve had so much fun memories and I’m not even Kidding, you were in 97% of them!!! (3% to my family???? HAHAHAHA) I seriously hope we stay super close unTil *forever* because you’re one of the greAtest friends i’ll ever Have and I hope you know that i love you!!!! Hope you have many more birthdays to come! god bless you always :) love, shanel
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