The Birth of the Republic

Topics: American Revolution, Stamp Act 1765, Parliament Pages: 4 (1232 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Alexis Shipley

History 201

Dr. Giffin

September 19, 2014

Birth of the Republic

During the Seven Year War against France, England encountered many expenses which lead to the nation falling into a great debt. This debt created many issues between the British government and its people. England's people felt as if the King was trying to rule over them and not take their own personal beliefs into consideration. The government tried to resolve the issues of their debt by creating new acts that would hopefully pay for the war expenses, the new territory of Canada and Mississippi, and its troops to defend as well as take care of their new land.

The British saw an opportunity to tax the colonies as well as demand more of their property from them to help benefit their own economic issues. They continued to tax the colonies until finally the Colonial people had had enough. The parliament tried to pass the Stamp Act which stated that the newspapers and other legal and commercial documents had to be taxed. They also tried to pass the Sugar Act which tried to tax people three cents on not only sugar but coffee, indigo, and wine as well. Most of the people felt that the British parliament did not have the right to tax them, and many of whom migrated to the colonies to escape British rule, yet they were still being controlled heavily by them. Before the Stamp Act could be finalized the Colonial people made for certain that the act did not get passed.

Essentially there were two groups in Parliament led by William Pitt and Marquis of Rockingham who favored repeal. Pitt was head of the Parliament during the war against France; in which many seemed to turn to him during this crisis. After the war, the parliament limited his role within them due to his dictating qualities. This led to Pitt and his remaining followers arguing in the House of Commons that "taxation is no part of the governing or legislative power". He not only wanted the Stamp Act repealed but also...
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