Birth Order vs. Personality

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Birth Order

Birth order is defined as your rank in your sibling constellation: first born, middle born, last born, only child, or twin.

This birth order information explains how personality traits and lives are affected by being the first born, middle born, or last born child.

Whether you're the oldest, youngest, or somewhere in the middle - your birth order or family placement can affect your life, personality traits, professional achievements, and personal relationships.


Written by: Mary Shelley

Birth Order

First Born

← Simply by virtue of being a couple's first child, a firstborn will naturally be a sort of experiment for the new parents, a mixture of instinct and trial-and-error.

← Perhaps this will cause the parents to become by-the-book caregivers who are extremely attentive, stringent with rules, and overly neurotic about the minutiae.

← This in turn may cause the child to become a perfectionist, always striving to please his parents.

Second Born

← In contrast, if the couple decides to have a second child, they might raise their second-born with less of an iron first due to their experiences raising their firstborn.

← They might also be less attentive to the second-born since there's another child competing for attention, and they probably will be less inclined to impulsively dial 911 every time the child breaks a sweat.

← This may cause the second-born to be less of a perfectionist but more of a people-pleaser due to the lack of attention he gets in comparison to his older sibling.

Middle Born

← The middle child often feels left out and a sense of, “Well, I'm not the oldest. I'm not the youngest. Who am I?”

← This sort of hierarchical floundering leads middle children to make their mark among their peers, since parental attention is usually devoted to the beloved firstborn or baby of the family.

← This may cause the middle born child to be somewhat rebellious because they...
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