Birth Order And Its Effect On Personality

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Birth Order and its Effect on Personality in Teenagers
Birth order: Chronological order of sibling births in a family. (Gale Encyclopaedia of Children's Health 2006) Personality: the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. (Oxford Dictionary 2015) Personality is something that unique to every individual, and it is greatly affected by the environment; like for example the Birth Order. Each child in a family will have a different set of “parents”. Not biologically different but different in the way that parents will raise and act differently to each child. The first child is “experimental” so to say; parents are taking on a new role and are not completely sure what to expect, the parents may over-react or be over-protective. The second child has a set of more laid back parents; these parents now know a whole lot more about parenting and have learnt from their mistakes and/or overreactions and the last child has the most freedom; as parents have finally mastered their role. (Gross 2013) Believing that an individual gets a certain personality trait purely based on their birth order can sound insane, but many studies have shown connections between the two. But first an example of some personality traits that are paired with birth order come from the University of Maine (2005) they suggest that the eldest child is responsible and mature, the middle child; rebellious and youngest child is outgoing and spoilt. In a separate study at a university in Canada (1999), participants recorded the birth order in their family (including themselves). They were then asked to place a square on the sibling that they considered the “achiever” and a circle on the sibling that was most rebellious. The study found that the firstborn was most likely to be nominated as achiever and the laterborn was most likely to be nominated the rebel. Although studies can be conflicting i.e. whilst Alder suggests that the middle child is the most...

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