Birth of Epa

Topics: United States Environmental Protection Agency, Air pollution, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The Birth of EPA
The EPA is an organization whose purpose is to preserve and protect the environment that we live in. EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency and it is one of the main reasons that our planet has survived thus far. EPA was primarily created due to many Americans concerns about the deterioration conditions of the water, air, and land. EPA has done a lot for this planet, but one of the main concerns that it still has to deal with is our air pollution.

For many years, raw sewage and wastes had been thrown into the rivers and lakes without regard for how it was harming us. It made the waters unfit for drinking, swimming, or fishing. Automobile exhausts made the air so bad in some communities; that some people died and a lot were hospitalized. Even the land that we lived on was being polluted by the dumping of waste and toxic chemicals.

It was believed that Americans assumed that the air and water were free and clean. No one even knew what pollution was, or the threat it could cause. After World War II, several things raised an alert and brought caution to everyone. There was a huge increase in throw away packaging; like cans, bottles, and plastics. As a result of these waste materials, the earth’s environment became very much threatened.

By the 60’s things had taken a change for the worse. Something had to be done to correct this problem and prevent future reoccurrences. In most states environmental agencies were being created and given added responsibilities. It was in this atmosphere that the EPA was finally created in 1970; by the Nixon administration.

EPA was tasked with cleaning up the damage already done, and also establishing guide lines to help Americans make a cleaner and safer place to live. These great environmental changes made in the past 43 years have benefited every single American to this day. But, as we move on into the future, one of the main problems that still exist is our air pollution.

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