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Topics: Sebastian Faulks, World War II, Wilfred Owen Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: November 1, 2014
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Compare how Sebastian Faulks and Wilfred Owen present World War One's influence on relationships in Birdsong and a selection of Wilfred Owen Poems One of the main focuses of Faulk's Birdsong and Wilfred Owen's 'Disabled', 'Anthem of the Doomed Youth' and 'Futility' is the war's impact on relationships. Owen's poetry presents changes in relationships through his use of pararhyme to portray the sense of frustration and mental strain of soldiers having to witness the death of their comrades. Additionally, Owen uses figurative language to highlight the 'truth untold' about the war that lead to relationships between men that were 'stronger than romantic relationships'. However, Faulks lacks the insight and emotional connection Owen inherently has since he is a modern author writing historical fiction. Instead, Faulks uses vivid language to illustrate the the brutality of war and exaggerate the conditions that brought men together. Moreover, Faulks presents the war's influence on relationships with women through the experiences of suffering at war that women didn't have to go through. Both writers have similar interpretations as the purpose of their writing is to leave the reader with an honest message on the impact war had on them as individuals and the way they interacted with others. Similarly, both Faulks and Owen use the concept of religion and faith to depict the psychological conflict within soldiers' relationship with God. In Birdsong, Faulks presents the changes in relationships with women through juxtaposition. This is shown in part one with Stephen's description of Isabelle as so "vibrant" and "exciting" that even the "tenderest part of her" was stored "shamelessly" in his 'imagination'. This is a clearly juxtaposed with Stephen's sexual encounter with a prostitute in part two who he describes as nothing but "animal matter". Stephen's shell shock causes him to...
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