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Barrack maintenance is a key part to any and all soldiers in today’s military. It plays a great importance to the physical and mental health of the soldiers who reside in the barracks. They are also key purposes in organization, preparation, and confidence of the soldier. These are very important, especially here in South Korea where our motto says “Fight, Tonight” it means that we need to be able to get our stuff and go within minutes of something bad happening somewhere. Following are all aspect that everyone needs to be able to complete the task of being able to “Fight, Tonight.”

If the room’s maintenance is poor then there are many physical hazards that may be present in the room. These hazards can be critical to the soldier’s health and wellbeing. If there are old physical training clothes that are left out then the gasses from those will be in the air that the soldiers are breathing and it will place the soldiers that are living in the room at a potential risk at their health. Another example is the air unit, if the air unit is not cleaned correctly and on a regular basis then it will become filthy and not only look disgusting but it will also be blowing dust particles and dirt into the air constantly and placing the soldiers that line in the room at an even greater risk to sickness then if it was cleaned regularly and correctly. Another example is the bathroom and the shower, with the amount of germs and bacteria that live and thrive in these two locations they are a prime location for soldiers to become ill from just their simple use. And giving that they are used so commonly on a regular basis, it places the soldiers at a much higher risk for disease. Lastly for the examples of physical health is trash if it’s just lying there in the room and not being taken out or emptied then it will in time become a breeding ground for bacteria, it will also create a very bad odor that will fill the room.

Moving away from physical health...
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