Bird and Hawks

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Major Groups of the Animal The major group that hawks belong to is the bird group. Hawks have wings and feathers to fly. Which all are characteristics of birds.
The hawk has eyes on the sides of its head so it can see all around, similar to a normal bird. The differences between the hawk and other birds is that the hawk is a bird of prey. “Birds of prey” or raptors make their living by hunting, killing, and consuming live animals.
They are at the top of the ecological food chain which makes the hawk a top consumer.
The hawk is closely related to all birds of prey. Any bird that makes its living by hunting, killing, and consuming live animals has a characteristic similar to the hawk. Even though owls are not related to eagles, falcons, and vultures they have similar hunting habits and similar equipment for catching and killing - sharp, hooked beaks, and strong, sharp, curved toenails or talons. Owls are nocturnal for the most part and the others hunt during the day. Hawks evolved from raptors which also were birds of prey. Hawks evolved with eagles and falcons mainly but also with some other birds as well.
Habitat and Biome Hawks live in all different habitats. Some in the foothills of the mountains while others live in the brushy open country and badlands of Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and South-central
California. Also in North and Central America for a more wide variety of hawks. Its biome would be in the Deciduous area as well as the Grassland and parts of the desert.

Tropic Level/Niche The hawk is at the top of the ecological food chain. It is the top consumer of the food chain. Nothing eats it because it is at the highest level. The hawk eats almost everything and anything that is living.
From starlings and sparrows and pigeons and quail to reptiles and amphibians. Even ground squirrels and field mice. Almost all rodents along with fish which are eaten by certain kinds

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