Bipolar: Schizophrenia and Jan.

Topics: Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Suicide Pages: 5 (912 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Thesis Statement:
1. Bipolar disorder can affect an individual, most especially in socializing with other people and coping with the society.

I. Introduction
II. Bipolar Disease/Disorder
A. Bipolar Disorder
B. Bipolar Disorder Harder on Youngsters
III. Symptoms of a person with a Bipolar Disorder
A. Mood Mapping
B. Bipolar Disease
a. Symptoms
b. Cause
IV. Treatment to Bipolar Disorder
A. Creativity Closely Entwined with Mental Illness
B. Bipolar Disorder often Untreated
a. Bipolar Treatment with Mood Stabilizer
b. Nutritional Supplements for Bipolar Disorder
C. Treatment of Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)
V. Difference between Depression and Bipolar Disorder
A. Bipolar Disorder
a. Manic Depression
b. Manic Depressive
B. Lives of People with Bipolar Disorder
a. I’m so Distracted!
b. Accepting the Bipolar
c. Some People with Bipolar Disorder may even Hear voices d. Living with Bipolar Disorder
VI. Bipolar Disorder Effects to his/her individual/surrounding A. Three Geniuses with Mental Illnesses
B. Recent Studies about Bipolar Disorder
a. Serious Mental Illness Tied to Higher Cancer, Injury Risk: Studies b. The Natural Law and Human Behavior
c. Mental Illness Alone Not Linked to Violence
1. Risk Genes in Bipolar Disorder
C. Alcoholism and Bipolar Disorder
D. At what Age is Bipolar Usually Diagnosed?
E. Disease or Madness: Society’s Perception of Bipolar Disorder VII. Conclusion

A huge percentage of people around the globe suffer from mental disorder and some of them doesn’t even know where did they got it. The Bipolar disorder, we should be aware that many of our actions and even attitudes signifies what we have. It may be known to us or some of us unnoticed. We must be alarmed that it doesn’t only take a country but the world affected by it.

There reasons have brought up our eagerness to study and search more about this “Bipolar Disorder”. We aim to have answers and dig-in more informations to solve and give meaning to this Psychic Syndrome.

Maybe some of us have acquaintances who have this disorder, and far from our knowledge, many people have this mental disorder. So this research is for the benefit of everyone not just who have Bipolar disorder. This is for the society, for them to be alert and aware.


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