BIP Conditions Functions

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 BIP Conditions/Syntax

1. Date:

1.1. Shows system date and time (Hours: Minutes: Seconds) like 20-05-2012 13:20:40 use below condition.


1.2. We use the below condition when user require showing date and timing with AM and PM in report:


2. Addition:

To add two field values we use the below condition:

5. Or Condition:

Suppose if user require status equal to “shipped” or status equal to “new” or status equal to “pending” we need to display the report if not it shows blank at that time, then we use the below condition:

6. Total:

The below condition depends on user requirement where sum of field values divide with another field value:

8. Set/Get Variable:

We use the below condition when total amount and grand total amount doesn’t display exact values in the report:

‘Amt_Total’) + ssTotalAmount)?>

9. Rate:

Below condition displays the Rate value where it includes addition of invoice amount, pre tax discount and subtraction of other charges:

13. Related to Script:

13.1. Below condition displays Product Description when Line Item Description is equal to null; if not displays mixing of Product Description and Line Item Description.

13.2. We use the below condition when user requires Invoice type equal to VAT Retail Invoice and Order type equal to “service order” and Status equal to “Cancelled” displays Cancelled Retail Invoice else Retail Invoice....
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