Biotic Component Paper

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Running head: Biotic Components Paper

Biotic Component Paper
University of Phoenix
People, Science, and the Environment
June 10, 2010

Biotic Component Paper

In this paper I writer will conduct research on a natural ecosystem, such as preserves or parks within specific living area. This writer decided to research Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles California. The paper will include the following elements, such as the major structural and functional dynamics (process) of the ecosystem including any changes overtime, how humans may have affected the biogeochemical cycles in the ecosystem, and if and how information about the Angeles National Forest structural and functional can help or has helped develop some type of plans for its management and restoration. University of Phoenix. (2006). Week Two individual assignments. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, SCI/256 Version 3 website.

The major structural and functional dynamics (processes) of that ecosystem including change over time
An ecosystem is all the biotic and abiotic components of an environment. The Angeles National Forest is in Los Angeles. The forest was established in December 1892. The forest covers approximately 650,000 acres and is in between the metropolitan area of Los Angeles. The Angeles National Forest has watersheds within the forest to provide water to southern California and most important to protect the surrounding communities from devastating floods. The elevation of the Angeles National Forest ranges from 1,200 to about 10,000 feet. The Angeles National Forest is covered with dense chaparral biome, which often changes between seasons, from pine and fir-covered slopes, which increase in elevation. The Angeles Nation Forest provides habitat The Angeles National Forest has what they call sensitive species and they include 22 sensitive plants, sensitive wildlife ranging around 23 and 16 threaten and endangered species. Some of the tree species of the...

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