Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Industry

Topics: Genetic engineering, Genetically modified food, Genetically modified organism Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: April 20, 2015
 Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Industry, Is it safe? Biotechnology had been used since many years ago, the simplest example of biotechnology is traditional biotechnology, which is making bread, cheese, wine and beer using a specific bacteria or fungi, and it is called fermentation. According to book Green Business: An A-to-Z Guide, Biotechnology is the application of sciences and technology to living organism as well as parts, product, and models thereof, to alter living or nonliving materials for the production of knowledge, goods, and services. Biotechnology applications are parts of our daily life. Almost in all industry sectors, they are developing biotech to help them to produce their product, to process their waste, etc. Since 1980, biotechnology has greatly evolved through Transgenes, nanotechnology and bio-informatics. These rapid advances in science and engineering have introduced new technology that increased the potential for intervention in biological processes, and this rapid advances nowadays lead to Genetically – Engineering Food. Genetic engineering (GE) is the practice of removing, altering, adding, and modified one genes to another genes, to create genetically modified (GM) foods. Through genetic engineering, scientists can impart desired genetic characteristics by splicing genetic segments of one species into the genes of another. Genetically – Engineering Food also known as Genetically Modified Food or we can say GM Food are some type of plans or animals that have had other animals or plant genes inside their genes. The GM foods itself are made in purpose to make better and stronger plants or animals. GM food become new technology in the world, it is also make some controversies in some country in the world, before that GM food had many benefits that human can take from GM food, GM Food comes from seed that already processed with genetic engineering it is usually alter desired genes that become the weakness of the seeds, with...

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