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By mansonsky Jul 30, 2008 336 Words
The BIOS computer user in uses in computer's process, can contact BIOS, it is playing the very vital role in the computer system. A motherboard high performance or not, is decided to a great extent on motherboard's BIOS management function to be whether advanced.   BIOS (Basic Input/Output System, basic input-output system) the full title is ROM-BIOS, is the non-erasable storage basic input/output system's simple form, it is actually a group is solidified to the computer, provides the most preliminary most direct hardware control for the computer the procedure, it is connects the software routine and between the hardware equipment's key position, said popularly, BIOS is the hardware and between software routine one “the switch” or is the connection (, although it also is only a procedure), is responsible to solve hardware's immediate request, andCarries out specifically according to the software to hardware's operation request. The BIOS chip is on the motherboard one rectangle or the square chip, in BIOS main depositing: * from diagnostic program: Through reads in CMOS RAM the content recognition hardware disposition, and carries on self-checking and the initialization to it; * CMOS establishment procedure: Guides in the process, starts with the special hot key, after carrying on the establishment, stores in CMOS RAM; * the system from lifts the loading operation: After self-checking successfully loads the memory the floppy disk relative 0 0 sector's in vectoring procedure, lets its movement load the DOS system; * main I/O equipment's driver and interrupt servicing; Because BIOS direct and the system hardware resources have to do, therefore always aims at some type the hardware system, but each kind of hardware system also respectively has the difference, therefore has each kind of different type BIOS, along with hardware technology's development, identical kind of BIOS also successively presented the different edition, new edition's BIOS compared the old edition, the function was stronger. * BIOS function * o CMOS and BIOS difference o promotes the BIOS function

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