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Biological Psychology

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Biological Psychology

Biological psychologists study behavior by researching and studying how behavior and experiences relate to individual as genes and physiology. Biological psychology also investigates questions of how the brain and connected to consciousness. This branch of psychology stresses the goal of relating biology to the issue of psychology. This is called by many different words such as psychobiology, biopsychology, physiological psychology or behavioral neuroscience. Brain functioning is the main focus for biological psychology. Studying the brain, biological psychologists attempt to find the best ways to help with recovery after brain damage, or what specific part of the brain helps us learn language or is involved in storing memories. Also researchers study what biological factors make people more likely to be affected with psychological disorders.

Historical Development

The idea that the mind and body work in unison and that this unison should be used in medical and psychological treatments physical dates back to the times and work of Hippocrates, Avicenna, Paraclesus and Galen. Each of these early practitioners saw man as the combination of interactions between the mind and body. They recognized the need to identify illness and disease as a result of this connection. To treat the entire individual and reach the goal of optimal health, not just the state of being illness free the mind and body must be treated (Rice, 1986).

Influential Theorists

Charles Darwin is considered an important theorist of biological psychology because he came up with the theory that motivation is a result of biological necessity. Santiago Ramon y Cajel, another leading theorist because of his breakthroughs in understanding the firing structures of the brain. He was the first to demonstrate the organized structure of the brain, before it had just been considered a collection of...

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