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Environmental analysis
Market trends3
Internal analysis- Customers3
- Marketing mix4
- Resources 4

Eternal analysis- PESTEL factors5
- Porter5

Current Position
Product life cycle6
Matrix model7

SWOT analysis7

Strategic options8





Bionade is a unique drink, which comes from a small town in Bavaria, Germany. It is described as being “The unique non-alcoholic refreshment drink. Produced from natural raw materials of organic quality through fermentation in a purely organic way”. (Bionade, 2009).

Bionade has been acknowledged in a number of ways and has won many awards around the world including best carbonated beverage of 2007, which was decided by BEVNET beverages news and reviews, USA and picking up a great taste award 2008 from the guide of fine food, UK. (Bionade, 2009)

Bionade was started by Dieter Leipold the master brewer, who began researching his idea in the 80’s. He used his bathroom to experiment and was able to find a bacteria that converted the sugar, which usually turns into alcohol, into a non-alcoholic product. It took him 8 years to perfect his recipe and he spent 1.5 million euros in the process. “One of the goals was to make a drink for children that did not have any artificial additives and that followed the purity requirements traditionally used to make beer. We found a way to ferment a non-alcoholic drink by converting the sugar that normally becomes alcohol into non-alcoholic, healthy gluconic acid.” – Deiter Leipold. (Bionade, 2009). It started being produced and sold in 1995 but it was hard to get it onto the shelves because the costs were prohibitive. (Wikipedia, 2009)

It started as an attempt to give people something better and was sold in fitness resorts and health spas, but was only distributed in the Hamburg area It wasn’t until 1999 that Bionade really started to sell. It was restyled by Wolfgang Blum who gave it a new slogan, ‘A hip lifestyle drink that just happened to be healthy’ and a new design. Blum also says how “With no budget for television or print ads, we needed to get everyone else, especially the media, to spread the word. Bionade sponsored hundreds of sporting, cultural and kids’ events across Germany. Thanks to word-of-mouth and a flurry of German news reports, sales picked up.”

Since then Bionade has taken Europe by storm with sales increasing 300% annually (The independent, 2009). It has opened up in other countries across Europe such as Spain and Italy and Bionade now have recently released the product in the USA and in March this year will release the product in Australia. This has all helped Bionade to become recognised worldwide.

Environmental Analysis

This is going to be used to look at how easy it would be for Bionade to open up in a new country. It uses 3 main aspects that it focuses on including the macro or external environment, the internal environment and the competitive environment.

Market trends

Bionade is classed as being part of the health and wellness market. This market has quickly become a big market because of the amount of overweight people and the stress of modern life. People have started looking at healthier more natural options, including drinks that can help with wellness. There are a few other drinks similar but not the same on the market. Many companies have looked at the market and have tried to enter it, but not with such a unique product. It is possible to see that this market still has potential as more and more people turn to healthier lifestyles, so it has attracted major companies such as coke and nestle to look into the market. Bionade have also talked about launching an active range, which will be aimed at sports people. This...

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