Topics: Engineering, Lizard, Science Pages: 3 (307 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Apolinario Malungo
Steven Mouche
October 2, 2014

How have scientists used nature? Scientists made the airplane inspired a bird. Biomimetic is the field which scientists get ideas from nature to make better technologies or create new things. Current applications of biomimetic research involve many areas (biomimetic, 60), but it has seen advantages and disadvantages. On the one side, biomimetic engineers lead by Andrew Parker have been implementing designs from nature, to resolve issues in medicine, engineering, and many areas of research. In fact, the purpose of biomimetic is combining biological insight with engineering fields in order to help our lives; that is, to make a usable device for people (biomimetic, 61). For example, Parker “studies of the body coverings of butterflies and beetles have led to brighter screens for cell phones” (biomimetic…61). Robot and Velcro are the most visible applications of biomimetic as well as to inspire designers of cars and buildings. (biomimetic, 62 & 62). “In Japan, medical researchers have developed a pain needle that is similar in shape to the proboscis of a mosquito” (biomimetic…62). On the other side, some of those things have been used to spy or fight in wars. To illustrate, The U.S military expects that one day the gecko robot may spy no-military areas. The gecko was made by Mark Cutkosky inspired a small lizard, but it can only climb vertically on soft surface (biomimetic, 62). In conclusion, biomimetic consists of taking ideas from nature, and thus, create things to help people. Although one of them are using for military interest, they have more advantages. In addition, biomimetic success depends on which useful things can make. Nature secrets have been a challenge for biomimetic engineers, but “Researchers are using more powerful microscopes, high-speed computers, and other new technologies to learn more from nature” (biomimetic… 63).

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