Biomes and Diversity

Topics: Ecology, Evolution, Biodiversity Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Biomes and Diversity
We as humans should be concerned with the extinction rate, because it is caused by human activities with toxics and polluntant chemicals that harm a healthy food flow in planting, and in fresh water. The loss of species will harm human and threat to human progress scientific studies can help prevent such loss. Also there are medical reasons as well, certain species on plants help to process opiates insulin and proteins to treat diseases. We should strive to continue the studies Ehlrich,1968 speaks of The Population Bomb meaning population growth will overwhelm food resources and supply and the conituing of the studies are said to be issues that are complex and with all people, states, countries need to develop scietific efforst economically and government policy based on accurate evaluations because this affects everyone on the planet.. Another note we need to be concern is what Ehlrich talks of; the Galloping horse that is described as the collapse of human societies; more people than food. Bio accumlation threathe human as well as animals because of the pesticides used by human activities(Turk & Bensel,2011.ch1.2) In the center of Biological Diversity it states the rate of change in our Biosphere is increasing and species extinction leads to other bound to species to what is called a complex webin a complex web 99% off currently threatened species are at risk because of Activities. In the global warming section of the Center for Biodiversity, the planet is warming to a degree the species cannot handle altering or elimating habibat which reduce food sources causing drought and the heat killing species which also deprive humans of their food chains. If we keep on as stated with “the gas emmission trajectory, climate change will cause more than a third of the Earths animals and species to face extinction by 2050 and up to 70% by the end of the century; yes we should be concerned or there will be no human survival food resources....
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