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Balance & Stability

Centre of Gravity

Centre of gravity for an athlete is dependent on different substances, such as muscle, bone fat, and equipment possible worn by the athlete. These all have different densities and make the centre of gravity different for many athletes. Athletes can change and move their centre of gravity from one position to another and with training allows them to position their centre of gravity in ways in which gets the optimal performance out of them. For example a golfer has to train their centre of gravity to get the best from themselves on a golf swing. A footballer has to change their centre of gravity on a free kick or simply passing or shooting! This is roughly the centre of gravity on Steve G

Steven Gerrard

So stability is better for example when a resistance force is equal to your resistance but as soon as the resistance becomes greater than yours that is when balance is affected. An athlete increases their stability when their centre of gravity is lowered. So in football when two players chase for the ball and are shoulder barging each other, the resistance from each is going to be similar. Whereas if a player ran towards the other player and barged in to him, the force on the other player will be greater causing balance and stability to be effected.

Non-Public A girls soccer final: Immaculate Heart vs. Red Bank Catholic

The definition of stability and balance as said by Hamill & Knutzen (2009), ‘stability may be defined in much the same way as equilibrium, that is, as the resistance to both linear and angular acceleration. The ability to assume and maintain a stable position is referred to as balance’. Balance consists of good coordination and control of your own body and any equipment used within sport. For example a footballer with good balance and stability can achieve more opportunities to advance forward, more opportunity to keep the ball, in which, could lead to more opportunities to score. People...
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