Biology Test Questions

Topics: Adenosine triphosphate, Cell, Signal transduction Pages: 4 (912 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Let re-learn some stuff and earn some points back. These are questions missed by most of you on the exam. You can only earn up to a maximum of 120 points total (your exam 1 score + what you earned here). One point per correctly answered question (20 points)

1. Oxidative phosphorylation requires all of the items listed below except a. ATP synthase in the correct position in the membrane.
b. The flow of electrons from NADH to protein in the membrane. c. A matrix more positively charged than the inter-membrane space. d. A terminal electron acceptor which is oxygen in mitochondria. e. Enzyme complexes embedded in a membrane.

2. Which of the following statement about enzymes is FALSE? a. An enzyme can be used over and over again because it is not changed in the chemical reaction. b. Enzymes are necessary to cause certain reactions to occur in cells that cannot occur in the absence of enzymes. c. An enzyme shows specificity for its substrate(s).

d. Once a substrate binds to an enzyme, it can leave the active site on the enzyme unaltered. e. Some enzymes require the presence of trace metals to be active. 3. What is a molecule that is similar in structure to a messenger and binds with that messenger’s receptor to stimulate a response from the target cell called? a. Agonist

b. Noncompetitive inhibitor
c. Competitive inhibitor
d. Antagonist
e. Blocker
4. When molecules are passively transported across a membrane, the direction of their movement is dictated by the molecule’s tendency to move ________. a. From lower to higher concentration
b. In both directions; there is no preference
c. Out of a cell
d. Into a cell
e. From higher to lower concentration

5. Based solely upon its electrical charge, the inside of a typical cell will tend to attract extracellular ___________ to move inward. a. Cations
b. Ions whose concentration gradient allows them
c. Anions
d. Uncharged...
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