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Topics: Cnidaria, Fungus, Animal Pages: 4 (822 words) Published: March 3, 2014
Domain: Eukarya
“Eu karyotic Protist Supergroups”
1. Supergroup Excavata
Genus – Euglena Tryponsoma
2. Super group Chromolaveolata
a. Ceratium
b. Plasmodium
c. Paramecium
d. Laminaraia
3. Super group Archaeplastida
a. Red Algae “ Polysiphonia”
b. Green Algae “Chlamydomadas, Hydrodictyon, Spirogyra, Volvox” 4. Unikonta
a. Amoeba
b. Some other small creatures that have flagella
Pro – No membrane, No Histone, They have a cell wall, unicellular Super groups in Eukarya domain:
Monophyletic – includes all the descendants as well as the common ancestor Paraphyletic – Grouping not based on evolution, but some superphicial trait.
Protists are under this category
Photosynthetic autotrophy – fixed solar energy
Heterotrophy – Digestion to get energy
Mix trophy – Both traits

Domain Eukarya
“Super group Unikonta”
Kingdom Fungi
1. Phylum Zygomycota
a. Rhizopus
b. Pilobolus
2. Ascomycota “Sac fungi”
a. Morchellin
b. Saccaronyces
3. Phylum Basidiomycoa “Club fungi”
a. Mushroom, Shelf Fungi, Puffballs
4. Phylum Deuteromycota
a. Imperfect fungi
b. Aspergillus
c. Penicillius
Fungi are heterotrophic, they feed off other things:
Saprophytic = Get energy from dead material.
Parasitic = get energy from living organisms (+,-)
Symbiotic = The organisms benefit from each other (+,+)

Mycorrhizoa: Fungus and Plant roots – Fungus obtain energy from the plants. Plants need fungus in the soil to absorb nutrients. The fungus helps the roots grow.

For the Fungus, The majority of the biomass is underground. Mycellium: Collectively all Hyphae.
Hyphae: Single strand of underground biomass of the fungus.

Fermentation: Respiration without O2

“Supergroup Unikonta”
Kingdom Animalia
1.Phylum Parifera – Spongia
2. Phylum Cnideria – Radiate animals
-Class Hydrozoa- Genus: Hydra, Physelia
-Class Scyphozoa –Genus: Aurclia
-Class Anthozoa- Genus: Fungia, Georgenia, Metridium
3. Phylum Platyhelminthos
-Class Turbellaria –...
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