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Topics: Sensory system, Mechanoreceptor, Skin Pages: 4 (1417 words) Published: April 14, 2013
After months of research and experiments, I have concluded my discovery of space worm touch receptors is definite. Regardless of the type, sensory receptors are influenced by physical actions and various stimulus. My research and experiments show that space worm touch receptors are no different. Stimulus is a change discernible by the body (Sherwood 2004) or in my case, a space worm. Certain receptors like touch receptors respond to stimulus weakly or strongly when involved with a different stimulus (Sherwood 2004). This perfectly related to my experiment because the space worm touch receptors respond differently to various stimulus. All of this discussion about stimulus to touch receptors would not happen without mechanoreceptors. Mechanoreceptors are heavily present in the touch receptor system and are influenced by physical actions like distortions, bending, and probing. Through various actions of stimulation, I was able to see what types of mechanoreceptors the space worm touch receptors contained. Rather than being located in a specialized location, the space worm touch receptors are located throughout the whole space worm. As a consequence, different areas of the spaces worm touch receptors reacted and traduced different electrical signals. This difference of electrical signals ultimately revealed the different mechanoreceptors present in the space worm touch receptors.

After discovering space worm touch receptors, I will conduct a specific test to identify the receptive field of the space worm touch receptors. The receptive field of the space worm involves the area of the surface where stimulation creates the firing of an action potential in the touch receptor neuron of the space worm (Sherwood 2004). This test will help me determine the the different types of mechanoreceptors that are connected to the areas of skin on the space worm. These different types of mechanoreceptors include Messiner's corpuscles, Pacinian corpuscles, Merkel...
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