Biology Mitosis and Meiosis Study Guide

Topics: DNA, Chromosome, Cell cycle Pages: 4 (705 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Bio 101 Review Sheet
Test #3 (Chapters 7,8,9)

Chapter 7
1. 3 effects of mutations
a. Good, bad, silent
i. What silent is in terms of amino acids
2. Point mutation
3. Frameshift mutation
4. Main causes of mutation of DNA
5. Which mutations are heritable
6. Definition of allele
b. How process of mutation in replication leads to new alleles 7. Transgenic organism
c. What it is
d. How its created
e. Definition of recombinant DNA
8. What gene therapy is in general
Chapter 8
9. Programmed cell death =?
f. Why it’s important that cell division be balanced with cell death 10. 2 main functions of apoptosis
11. Name of apoptosis-specific enzyme
12. Main difference between mitosis and meiosis
13. Why must all DNA be replicated before mitosis?
14. Definition of semiconservative
g. How this is important to DNA replication
15. Remember DNA replication uses lots of ATP!
16. 2 main enzymes in DNA replication
h. DNA polymerase – what does this do?
i. Helicase – what does this do?
17. How DNA is condensed and packaged into nucleus
j. What 2 components are found in the condensed version of DNA 18. Difference between sister chromatids and homologous chromosomes 19. 2 major phases of cell cycle
k. 3 divisions of interphase
ii. What happens in each phase
iii. Checkpoints
l. 4 phases of cell division (mitosis)
iv. What happens in each phase
v. Cytokinesis
1. When it happens
2. What happens
3. Difference between plant and animal cells
20. Telomere
m. How this is thought to be involved in cancer
n. What happens to telomeres in normal cells and role in cell death/aging 21. Abnormal mass of tissue
o. Difference between benign and malignant
22. Oncogene
p. What they can do to cause cancer
23. Tumor...
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