Biology Folio Form Four

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The efforts by Various Agencies to Diversity Food Production


Ulam or vegetable salad consists of fresh leaves , fruits , and other plant parts which are eaten raw . Examples of ulam include :

pegaga ( Centella asiatica )


shoots of papaya


kacang botol


petai ( Parkia speciosa )


kemangi ( Ocimum sanctum )


Ulam is rich in mineral ions , vitamins and fibre . some of these plants are used in the preparation of herbal medicines and drinks .

FACTS ABOUT pegaga , jering and pucuk kaduk !

Pegaga is now recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an herb thought to generate intelligence in children than can help blood circulation and improve skin health . Pegaga salads and roots is said to help the recovery of the uterus. Pegaga juice is easily available . Ulam Jering contain a compound that can provide roughage alkaloids stimulus to urinate . Jering can also be an effective cure for diabetic patients if taken continuously with the rate slightly . This is because , the content of alkaloid compounds in it is able to neutralize the sugar in the body . In addition, you need to eat the leaves kaduk . It feels a bit fat and easy to breed in the pot. Kaduk leaves also have a high content of calcium needed by the body to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis disease especially among women .




Duck , as well as most foods , can be included in a nutritionally well-balanced healthy diet . As any competent nutritionist knows it is the actual intake of nutrients on a daily ( or a period of a few days ) basis that is important . Maintaining an adequate intake of the nutrients we need and avoiding excessive consumption of calories , fat and cholesterol , requires making intelligent choices with regard to the particular foods , and especially the amount of each food consumed . This is true whether duck is a part of one's diet or not . When duck ( or any of a long list of other foods ) is included in the menu , some adjustments in the amounts of other items on the menu may be necessary . The fact that duck is usually consumed less frequently than meats such as chicken , beef or pork , makes it relatively simple to add duck to a weekly menu and at the same time adhere to the dietary guidelines of nutritional authorities such as the National Research Council , Food and Nutrition Board , which publishes Recommended Dietary Allowances ( RDA's ) , and without exceeding the intake of total calories , total fat , saturated fat and cholesterol recommended by the American Heart Association ( AHA ) . The choice of duck leg or duck breast without skin makes it even easier to meet nutritional standards with minimal sacrifices of other foods included in the weekly menu .


Chicken is a source of protein that can come with or without skin and it can be white or dark meat . When it comes to its nutritional value , chicken also has some other vitamins and minerals . On the average , chicken can be a healthy food . But once it starts getting prepared with high amounts of oil such as in deep frying , it becomes unhealthy . Chicken has approximately 48g of protein per 6-ounce serving . When it comes to fat , the amount varies . Skinless chicken breast has about 3 grams of fat , and chicken breast with skin on it has about 14 grams per 6-ounce serving . Skinless chicken breast has about 240 calories per 6 ounces and breast with skin has about 340 calories . Chicken also has calcium in It . Four ounces of cooked chicken has about 17 milligrams . Potassium is another nutrient that can be found in chicken . It has about 290 mg per 4 ounces . Chicken has no carbohydrates but this can be changed depending on how it is prepared . Sauces and juices can add some carbohydrates .

Freshwater fish

Fish protein is easily digestible and is very much needed by growing children for healthy development ....
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