Biology Assignment 1 1

Topics: West Africa, Sierra Leone, Viral hemorrhagic fever Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: December 15, 2014

Assignment 1: Biology Article
Gabriel Gholston
Strayer University
SCI 115 Biology
Professor Prisco
December 2, 2014

The article states that the one thing that the airports are using to check for Ebola for the returning passengers is a fever. The fever is the main thing they check for, but some biologist think that in some cases the fever don’t come on until one of the later phases. The world Health Organization stated that,” The finding that 87.1% of those infected exhibited fever — but 12.9% did not — illustrates the challenges confronting health authorities as they struggle to contain the epidemic.” Some scientist thinks that by checking for a fever is a sure way to catch the virus. It is shown that it is not 100% sure that every person tested would show symptoms of a fever. This purpose of this article was to inform people that the methods that the airports and government are using, will not completely catch every person who has the Ebola virus that comes back into the United States. Dr. Paul D. Stolley, former chairman of the University of Maryland's Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, said the matter "requires further investigation." (David Willman, 2014, pg.1) The CDC also believes that only checking just for a fever isn’t enough when it comes to a virus of this magnitude. Based on what his staff observed, Zwinkels wrote, "it seems that only measuring the temperature as a form of triage is insufficient." He added: "It seems that Ebola can present without fever especially in the first phase." Zwinkels said that without fever as a trustworthy marker, it is difficult for medical professionals to treat the many West Africans suffering from everyday maladies. (David Willman, 2014, pg.1)

This article related to biology in every way possible. It is the prime example of biology and what biology is. We have talked about diseases and viruses and how they work against you. In West Africa the number of...

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