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Animal Diversity
The number of animal varieties familiar to us is vast as the animal world is diverse. Each distinct variety or type of animals is recognized by scientist as a species. Animals of most species are free-living forms but of others are parasitic in bodies of other animals or even plants. 

According to their habitats animals are divided into the following types     Aquatic animals :- They live in water . Animals living in sea water are called marine & those live in river,ponds,streams,etc are called as fresh water. Aquatic are of different types like-     Zooplankton :- Passively floating in water 

    Nanoplankton – Extremely small plankton.
    Nekton – the aggregate of actively swimming aquatic organism in a body of water able to move independly of water currents is called nekton     Benthos – those animals found living on the sea bottom     Littoral – Animals living in intertidal zone of sea-coast are called littoral     Neritic – pelagic forms that live in coastal waters where the sea bottom is upto about 200 mt deep are called neritic     Lentic – of the fresh water that inhabits standing water      Lotic – Forms that inhabit running fresh water

    Neuston – a collective term used for organisim which rest on the surface of an aquatic ecosystem.     Anadromous – marine fishes that migrate from sea water to river water      Catadromous – Those fish that migrates from river to sea      Euryhaline – Fishes that migrate between fresh ,estuaries & salt water have a wide salinity tolerance .      Stenohaline – these fishes have a only narrow range of salinity tolerance      Terrestrial animals:- They live on lands and are of different types.     Cursorial – they run fast ,eg- Kangroo,dog , horse,etc     Fossorial – They live in burrowing/underground , e.g- earthworm , rabbit ,etc     Arborial – they live on trees , e.g bats, monkeys, etc     Scansorial – They climb walls , rocks,etc e.g. wall lizards , flying squirrel.     Volant or Aerial or...
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