Topics: Flavor, Food, Sugar Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: May 27, 2014
­­­­Hook: Since the dawn of time man has consumed foods which were given to us by nature but now in the modern age we resort to consuming foods which were partly made in a chemist’s beaker. Direction of Arguments: Food additives have were in use for centuries in process of pickling or preserving using vinegar or salt but recently it has taken a turn for the worst invading almost all the processed foods we consume. Arguments:

1. Lead to physiological disorders
2. Are known to cause to foods to be lower in nutritional value 3. Toxic to the nervous and the endocrinal system

Thesis: Clearly, the use of some food additives is harmful to human health in general Argument 1: Canada accounts for twenty-five million dollars worth in artificial sweeteners to sell every year and that is only a mere five percent of sales worldwide. The desire of craving sugar is only a part of involuntary addiction in which people are trapping themselves within.

Point-1: To begin, the human brain can very easily stimulated through the consumption of certain kinds of foods giving the person consuming it a certain drug like high which can lead to an involuntary addiction. Proof-1: According to Kessler, professor of biostatistics at University of California, “Many of us have a bliss point - the point at which we get the greatest pleasure from sugar, fat or salt. As more is added, food becomes more pleasurable, till we reach that point, after which it becomes too sweet and the pleasure drops off. The right combination of tastes triggers a greater number of neurons, getting them to fire more”. (Hughes, 2009).

Explanation-1: It can be established that the way our brain works is part of the reason why artificial sweeteners such as MSG and aspartame are added in the first place and why we crave food items that contain high levels of sodium.

Point-2: People’s perception of food highly impacts what we buy at the supermarket. Food with better colours or smell may seem tastier...
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