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biology 5.01

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biology 5.01
Evolution Assignment

Stephen Gould
9/10/1941 - Born in Bayside New York.
1975 - Schuchert Award given to him by Paleontological society
1977 - Dr. Gould book ''Ontogeny and Phylogeny'' caught biologists attention in how organisms develop.
1980 - The Panda's Thumb he received 2 awards "Notable Book citation " and "American Book Award in Science"
2001 - He published "The lying Stone Marrakech" and "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory"
5/20/2002 - Died in Manhattan New York.
Punctuated equilibrium theory argued that evolutionary change in fossil record came in fits and starts rather than a steady process of slow change.

Herbert Spencer
4/27/1820 - born in Derby, England
1855 - he published his second book Principles of Psychology which was about exploring a physiological basis for psychology.
1864 - know for coining the expression "survival of the fittest" which he did in the Principles of biology.
1862 - First Principles of a New system of Philosophy.
1902 - Spencer was nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature
12/8/1903 - died

Ronald Fisher
2/17/1890 - Born in East Finchley, London, England
1925 - published a book called 'Statistical Methods for Research Workers'
1930 - The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection
1935 - The Design Of Experiments
1958 - Awarded the Linnaean Society of London
Fisher Theory of evolution describes a process called runaway sexual selection which explains why sexual species maintain a sex ratio
7/29/1962 - Died in Adelaide, South Australia

Sewall wright

12/21/1889 - born in Madison, Wisconsin
1931 - Sewall theory of evolution was the ‘Shifting balance theory’ which occurred in three steps Genetic drift, Natural selection, group selection
1945 - Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal
1966 - National Medal of Science
1980 - Darwin Medal
1984 - Fellow of the Royal Society
3/3/1988 - died in Madison, Wisconsin

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