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-Components of an ecosystem, Groups of interacting plants and animals from populations, and two or more populations in the same place at the same time form communities. The community forms the living, or biotic part of the ecosystem. Energy, Minerals, Nutrients and water from the non-living or abiotic components. 1. Inorganic substances (C,N,CO2,H20 etc) incolved in material cycles. 2. Organic compounds (Proteins, Carbohydrates, lipids, humic substances etc.) that link biotic and abiotic. 3. Climate regime (temperature and other physical factors)

4. Producers, Autotrophic organisms, largely green plantswhich are able to manufacture food from simple inorganic substances. 5. Macroconsumer or phagotrophs (Phago-To eat) Heterotrophic organisms chiefly animals, Which ingest other organisms or particulate organic matter. 6. Microconsumer, Saprotrophs (Sapho-Decompose) or osmotrophs (Osmo-to pass through membrane) heterotrophic organisms chiefly bacteria and fungi which breakdown the complex compound of dead protoplasm, absorbs some of the decomposition products, and release inorganic nutrients that are usable by the producers together with inorganic substances, which may provide energy sources which may be inhibitory or stimulatory to other biotic components of the ecosystem. Another two useful category subdivisions for heterotrophic are biopages, organisms consuming other livng oganisms and saprophages organisms feeding on dead organic matter. From the functional standpoint, An ecosystem may be conveniently analyzed in terms of the following. 1. Energy circuits

2. Food chains
3. Diversity patterns in time and space
4. Nutrients (Biogeochemical) cycles
5. Development and evolutions, and
6. Control (cybernetics)

The organisms (Biotic)| Examples|
Producers| Grass, palay, phytoplankton.|
Consumers| |
Herbivores| Rabbit, Grasshopper, Zooplankton.|
Primary carnivores| Anchovies, Snake, Owl,...
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