Biological Level of Analysis

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BLO #2
LO #2- Explain how principles that define the Biological Level of Analysis may be demonstrated using theories and/or studies. Introduction
Principle 1
Behavior can be innate because it is genetically based. This means that evolution may play a role in behavior. Natural selection makes species differ in behavior due to adaption. Darwin: survival of the fittest

Genetics in a family are passed on (Violence/intelligence)
Genetics vs. environment
Study: Minnesota Twin Study- Bouchard ET AL (1990)
Compared the intelligence and other factors between self-selected sample of MZs reared together VS apart Results:
Same person tested twice = 87%
Identical twins raised together = 86%
Identical twins raised apart = 76%
Fraternal twins raised together = 55%
Biological siblings raised together = 47%
Conclusions: Heritability estimate for IQ is 70% with only 30% due to environmental factors Evaluations
High ecological validity- participants from around the world Mean age - 41, not adolescents
Huge sample size
Ethical concerns on how he reunited twins
No control of frequency of contact between twins prior to study Can’t assume twins raised together experience the same environment (equal environment assumption) All twins were white, from industrialized middle-class

Principle 2
Animal research can provide insight into human behavior
Humans and animals have similar anatomical brain structures however animal research can only provide limited insight because of biological differences Certain animals have more insights
Human ethics means animal research
Evolutionary adaption
Study: Monkey Island Study
Dee Higley (1996)
To test the argument that low levels of serotonin are a cause for dangerous behaviors and death Procedure
Measured the levels of serotonin in 49 male monkeys and separated them into categories. He the observed the acts of aggression in 27 of the monkeys in the wild. They also...
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