BIOL A112 Chapter 26 Key Things To Know Marieb HA P 9th Edition 1

Topics: PH, Water, Blood / Pages: 2 (395 words) / Published: Apr 12th, 2015
BIOL A112/A114
Key Things to Know for Chapter 26
Marieb HA&P, 9th Edition

1. Know the relative body water content by age and gender
2. Know what the two main fluid compartments in the body are
3. Know what fluids make up the extracellular fluid compartment (see Figure 26.1 on page 991)
4. Know which fluids are considered to be part of the interstitial fluid (see bottom of 1st column on page 991)
5. Know what electrolytes are, how they differ from nonelectrolytes, which has the greater osmotic power, and which electrolyte is never secreted into the filtrate produced by the kidneys
6. Know the major ions found within cells and in the interstitial fluid (see Figure 26.2 on page 992)
7. Understand how changes in the osmolality of the extracellular fluid affect cell water
8. Know what the major sources of water intake and output are (see Figure 26.4 on page 994)
9. Know what the driving force for water intake is
10. Know which part of the brain functions greatly in water balance
11. Know what the mechanism of action of ADH (antidiuretic hormone) is and what triggers its release (see Figure 26.6 on page 996 and Figure 26.10 on page 1002)
12. Know what dehydration, hypotonic hydration, and edema are, what causes them, and their major symptoms
13. Know what electrolyte balance is referring to
14. Know which electrolyte is central to fluid and electrolyte balance
15. Know how aldosterone influences sodium balance (see also Figure 26.8 on page 1000 and Figure 26.10 on page 1002), including which part of the nephron in targets
16. Know what ANP is and what it does (see Figure 26.9 on page 1001)
17. Know which hormone regulates calcium and phosphate balance and its main effects
18. Know what normal blood pH is
19. Know what the terms alkalosis, alkalemia, acidosis, and acidemia mean, what parameters indicate each, and the major factors that lead to them
20. Know what a chemical buffer system is and the three used by the body and where they are used
21. Know which chemical

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