Biography of J. J. Thomson

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Joseph John Thomson, but more commonly known as J.J Thomson was born on December 18th, 1856 in Cheetham Hill, England located near Manchester. His mother and father were Joseph James Thomson, and Emma Swindells. His father owned a local antiquarian bookshop that his great grandfather had originally started, and his mother came from a local family that worked with cotton, and clothing. J.J also had a brother that was two years younger than him-self named, Frederick Vernon Thompson.

He went to private schools in the beginning of his education career, where he showed a great interest and passion for science, and when was 14 years old when he was accepted in to Owens College. His mother and father originally wanted him to study to be an engineer and get an apprentice for a local locomotive manufacturer, but due to his father’s death in 1873 his plans changed. He moved away from Owens College, and into Trinity College in Cambridge, where he then obtained his BA in mathematics in 1880. He married one of his students, Rose Elizabeth Paget, and they had one son and one daughter. J.J Thompson died still working on the college campus on August 30th, 1940 from unspecified causes at the age of 83. He married one of his students, Rose Elizabeth Paget, and they had one son and one daughter.

J.J Thomson was without a doubt religious. He was a devout Anglican Episcopalian who regularly attended services at the Angelican church, and also went to Sunday evening college chapel services. I believe, that the best statement that I found, about the religious practices of Mr. Thomson was from one of his students, Sir Owen Richardson who said "He was sincerely religious, a churchman with a dislike for Anglo-Catholicism, a regular communicant, who every day knelt in private prayer, a habit known only to Lady Thomson until near the end of his life." Further research shows that J.J Thompson never missed a day of prayer(as quoted above) and that every day...
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