Biography of Shirley Jackson

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Sunnarith Kong
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October 1, 2014
Biography of Shirley Jackson
Shirley Hardie Jackson is a prolific author, well known for her short stories and novels. During her time, she has written many award winning novels such as “Louisa, Please Come Home” and “The Possibility of Evil”CITATION Lit08 \p 3 \l 1033 (Center 3). Provided that, she has establish herself as a significant figure in American literature. Although Shirley Jackson has suffered many psychological problems and has gone through many life changing experiences, her passion for writing continues to be her therapy, despite her negative criticism. In order to support this thesis, there are four main articles that can provide evidence. To begin with, “Jackson, Shirley 1919-1965” contains various biographical facts on her life, written by Carolyn Alessio. More importantly, it discusses her experiences and struggles with psychological issues in relation with her writing. The article addresses the relationships with her parents, friends, and husband. Furthermore, it describes the emotional stages she went through during high school, college, and marriage life. Secondly, “Shirley Jackson American Short-Story Writers Since World War II” written by Dale Hrebik addresses critical information about Shirley Jackson’s themes, characters, and literary work. In addition, it give accurate details about her educational background, family life, and important events. Also, it gives reliable facts on the connections between her work and her life. In addition, according to the document “Talk with Miss Jackson”, Joan Wylie Hall writes about Harvey Breit’s live interview with the controversial author, Shirley Jackson. During the interview, Jackson give her option on literature today comparing it to the past. Also, she credits her favorite authors. This essay emphasizes the passion Shirley Jackson has for writing. Finally, according to the article, Shirley Jackson from the Contemporary Literary...

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