Biography of Leonhard Euler

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Leonhard Euler
Leonhard Euler was born on the fifteenth day of April in the year seventeen hundred and seven, in Basel, Switzerland. He was considered one of the best scientists, and mathematicians to ever walk on the planet earth. He created over nine hundred publications, and was a member of the prestigious Petersburg Academy of Sciences. His studies include topics on shipbuilding, acoustics, optics, astronomy, mechanics, and magnetism. His life was filled with irony and success.

The definition of mathematician irony is when Euler went to apply at Basel University as a professor and was turned down. Here is one of the smartest scientists ever and he was rejected as a college professor. What a bunch of morons. He went to Basel University when he was thirteen, then graduated with a masters degree at age sixteen. After that he wrote two articles on reverse trajectory, which was approved by Bernoulli, another famous mathematician. That could have been a little detail they over looked, when it should have been a huge hint that this kid was smart So after being denied at his alma mater, Leonhard goes into tutoring, after a couple years at science academies. The kids he tutored were none other than King Frederich II of Prussia’s nieces. How did he go from being turned down as a math professor to a tutor for Prussian royalty? Talk about a math burn.

Before he was tutoring the royal family, and after he was rejected from Basel, Euler went all over Europe to study his passion. Basel was a center of math and science in Europe at the time, but a new one was forming in Petersburg, Russia. So instead of living in his hometown, which didn’t give him the credit he deserved, he decided to spread his wings and leave town. He was offered a job at the Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Here he studied and studied and studied more. His works were being published almost half a century after he died. Some of those contributed to the inventions of the micro scope and the...

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