Biography of Francisco Franco

Topics: Spain, Francisco Franco, Juan Carlos I of Spain Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: January 29, 2015
Marta Fraga Guntin
Dr. Wesley Moody
EUH 1001
November 24, 2014
Paper #2: “The Transformation of Spain – from Franco to the Constitutional Monarchy” “The Transformation of Spain, from Franco to the Constitutional Monarchy” was written by the English author and journalist David Gilmour and published in 1985. This book tells the story of the process that took place in Spain during the 20th century: the transformation of the whole country when the dictatorship of General Franco came to an end to give way to a constitutional monarchy. The book is divided in three parts that contain their own chapters, having thirteen chapters in total. The first part is called “Spain in the Last Years of General Franco” and it includes the phase since General Franco comes to power until his death and completion of Franquismo. The very first chapter has all the information about how Francisco Franco rose to power. It was a product of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), when influenced and helped by the Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler and the Fascist Italy of Benito Mussolini, the Nationalist forces defeated the Second Republic that had been established before by democratic elections. The second chapter called “The Structure of the Dictatorship”, as the title says, explains how the system was organized. Basically, all the powers were concentrated in the Head of Government, General Franco. He had the executive and legislative power as well as the command of the army, and he was also Head of the only allowed party at the moment. Francisco Franco became Caudillo of Spain ‘by the Grace of God’ as he believed “his victory had been ordained by God”. The next chapter is one of the most interesting ones of the book. It tells how, even though dictatorship systems aren’t ever the best option for any country, Spain actually improved its poor situation that the Civil War left. There was a noticeable recovery on the economy and living standard. People started to move...
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