Biography of Anne Moody

Topics: Civil rights and liberties, Tougaloo College, Short story Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: April 9, 2006
Anne Moody is a well-known contemporary black native Mississippi author. She has written biographical works depicting life in Mississippi and the struggles of black people in the South. Many people can relate to her style of writing. Her books help people understood what life was like in the South before and during the civil rights movement.

Anne Moody was born in Wilkinson County, Mississippi on September 15, 1940 to Fred and Elnire (Williams) Moody. She attended Natchez Junior College and completed her education at Tougaloo College. Moody married Austin Stratus and had one child named Sascha. In 1969, Anne's marriage ended in divorce.

Anne's popular autobiography Coming of Age in Mississippi is set in her hometown of Centerville, Mississippi. Anne tells the story of her struggles and triumphs in this rural Mississippi town. She talks about racism from a child's perspective. Moody never thought of herself as a writer, but rather as a civil rights activist. However, throughout Moody's life she has won many awards and honors for her literary accomplishments. Coming of Age in Mississippi received the Brotherhood Award from the National Council of Christians and Jews and the Best Book of the Year Award from the National Library Association, both in 1969. She also received the silver medal from Mademoiselle magazine for her short story "New Hopes for the Seventies." Moody's other work includes Mr. Death: Four Stories. Moody also has sound recordings of her book of short stories in Mr. Death and her short story "Bobo."

During Anne Moody's career she worked hard as a civil rights activist and worked for the Congress of Racial Equality. Anne spoke and participated in many civil rights activities like the famous Woolworth luncheon sit-in and the March on Washington ( when Dr. Martin Luther King made his famous "I had a dream" speech.). Reverend Edward King and Anne Moody had a close professional relationship. Also in 1972, Moody was the...
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