Biography of Albert Einstein

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Term PaperChoose a famous immigrant to America (One that is not in our readings) and Describe the following:

1. Where did they come from?

2. Why did they leave their native countries?

3. Why did they choose to come to the USA?

4. What did they accomplish in America?

5. What did they contribute to America?

The paper should be approximately 5 - 10 pages in length. Proper citations are required.

The term paper should be put into the Digital Drop Box and all papers sholud be done as .doc format.(Microsoft word)He was bold, wildly imaginative, and passionately curious. He chased beams of light and when gazing up at the heavens he imagined the curve of space and time . Albert Einstein redefined the basics of nature, the very essence of light, time, energy and gravity. His observations essentially transformed the way we look at the world and life itself.Einstein is known as a visionary physicist, and one of the most famous scientists of the 20th century, but he was also a blazing humanitarian and anti-war activist. Born a German Jew, Einstein later became a citizen of the United States. His famous position allowed his Voice to be heard on worldwide issues from pacifism to racism, anti-Semitism to nuclear disarmament. "My life is a simple thing that would interest no one Albert Einstein --- Quoted in The Tower, April 13, 1935he once claimed. But in fact, the opposite was true as everything he has ever written fascinated and transformed all those that read it . Einstein saw the world as a mystery, and he delighted in trying to unravel its riddles. All he needed to ponder the universe was his most precious scientific instrument—his imagination.| |

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany  on 14 March 1879.[8] His father was Hermann Einstein, a salesman and engineer. His mother was Pauline Einstein (née Koch). There was something unique about Albert from the very beginning, as told by his younger sister Maja. "At his birth," she wrote, "his mother was shocked at the sight of the back of his head, which was extremely large and angular." Even as a small boy Albert Einstein was different, he was exceptionally independent and focused. According to family legend he was a slow talker, pausing to think what he would say. His sister remembered the concentration and perseverance with which he would build houses of cards. Albert Einstein's lifelong passion for physics was sparked at the age of four or five when his father showed him a small compass. Young Albert tried to imagine the mysterious force that caused the compass needle to move, and the experience awakened a sense of wonder that stayed with him for life. Understanding the universe became an "eternal riddle" for Einstein, a quest for scientific enlightenment. "The road to this paradise was not as comfortable and alluring as the road to the religious paradise," he wrote, "but it has proved itself as trustworthy, and I have never regretted having chosen it."- Albert Einstein was a poor student and although he did not earn top grades in every subject, he excelled at math and science. "It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle," he wrote, "that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry." Schilpp, 1970. p. 17. Being fiercely independent, even as a young boy, Albert had already developed a deep distrust of authority. He challenged not only his teachers but also long-standing mathematical and scientific "givens," such as ancient Greek rules of geometry and laws of physics established by other scientists. Ironically, Einstein's questioning and resulting breakthroughs eventually turned him into an authority himself. Einstein began his formal education at a Catholic school in Munich, and although, his family moved to Italy to find business, he stayed at Munich to pursue his studies at Luitpold Gymnasium. Unfortunately, Einstein was unable to thrive under what he called a rigid...
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