Biography of Abigail Adams: Mother of President John Quincy Adams

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A Mother Doing:
Her Job
In January 12, 1780, eight years before the ratification of the constitution. Abigail Adams wrote to her son, John Quincy Adams, the future president of the United States. John Quincy Adams was traveling overseas with his father. His mother having no knowledge that her son will become a President in the future, she writes a letter to convince her son to travel with diligence and learn from his travel. Abigail Adams uses metaphor, flattery and historical allusions which shows that she was just being a mother to support her child for what he is doing.

Abigail Adams uses flattery to encourage his son on his expedition. Abigail establishes a connection with him in the letter by using "dear son", this demonstrates that in the opening of the letter she intends to guide him through his journey. She then explains her primary concern and that is his safety and appealing to his emotions so that he will be receptive to her advice. Also she compliments on his skills hoping that he will improve and learn many things. In the passage Abigail says this in the passage " your knowledge of language must give you greater advantages now than you could possibly have reaped... as you increase in years, you will find your understanding opening and daily improving".(line 11) This quote demonstrates that his language is already really strong but as year passes you will still continue to grow and improve but she believes that John could still improve. Abigail Adam using the "old people are wiser" claim (in line 16) to let him hear out her advices.

Abigail Adams uses metaphor to show her son how importance this trip is. She also encourages him to embark for his journey. She incorporates her explanations into strong and meaningful sentences to show how important this journey is for him. "judicious traveler to a river, that increase its stream the further it flows from its source: or to certain springs , which running through rich veins of minerals, improve...
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