Biography: Daniel Keyes

Topics: Science fiction, Novel, Fiction Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: October 19, 2008
Born in August 9, 1927 Daniel Keyes began his life in Brooklyn New York. At only seventeen he joined the Marine Service, serving as ships purser. Keyes started his career as an associate fiction editor, the left editing to ender the fashion photography business. (H. Keyes, Daniel Keyes Bio). I think his job a fiction editor influenced him as a novelist because here he probably learned many skills needed to write good novels. Keys had a very busy life; besides his job as a teacher he took literature courses in Brooklyn College as well as writing on the weekend. (Fratz, Daniel Keyes) After receiving his collage degree at the age of thirty three Daniel published his first recognized fiction novel – “Flowers for Algernon” in 1959. (Fratz, Daniel Keyes) The novel was written while he was working as a teacher; his experience with educationally slow students probably formed some of ideas for his novel. This novel was written entirely from the protagonist’s point of view. This made it a unique novel with a innovate style which was extremely effective. “Flowers for Algernon” gave Keyes some acknowledgment and earned him a Hugo Award as the best short fiction in 1960. (Fratz, Daniel Keyes) Recognition didn’t stop Daniel from his will to learn (similarly to Charlie from his novel); He earned his Master of Arts degree by 1961, and started a career as an instructor at Wayne State University. In 1967 this novel received the Nebula Award for the best science-fiction novel. Also by 1968 movie called “Charlie” was made based upon Daniel’s novel. Keyes liked to write about human psychology; later wrote two more novels, The Touch in 1968 and Fifth Sally in 1980. (Fratz, Daniel Keyes) Both the novels are about psychological stress, Fifth Sally was based of a real person with multiple personalities. These stories weren’t as recognized as his first novel. Daniel Keyes’ “Flowers for Algernon” may perhaps be the novel that best describes what it means to be a human....

Bibliography: Fratz, Douglas. “Daniel Keyes.” Identities and Issues in Literature,1997. Literary Reference Center. EBSCOhost. MPSJ library.
Keyes, H. “Daniel Keyes Biography” A Brief Biography December 6, 2002. 10 October 2008.
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