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Dominic Hernandez was born on the 23rd of July in the year 1998 in Newark, New Jersey. He is fourteen years old and therefore his status is single. He is nerdy by his own standards and brilliant by others. He is a very admirable character, he is very ambitious towards his career and future goals. In the future he plans to become a robotics engineer which is inspire by the first electronics set he received at the age of six in 2004. In the interview Mr.Hernandez said “Just playing with that electronics set day after day, made me wonder can I do this for the rest of my life. When I became older I realised I could make money out of this in the future, and that is what inspired me to become a robotics engineer when I grow up.” Dominic Hernandez has been called a ‘nerd’ his whole life, but he said that ‘you get used to it after while’. He used being called a nerd as an inspiration to go further. He said that he would show them what a nerd could do because from his knowledge a nerd is a brilliant person who tops his class academically, so what is so bad about that he also says he feels proud to be called a nerd sometimes. He says being a nerd inspires him to strive for perfection mentally and practically. He says by perfecting his skills and abilities he really shows everyone else what a nerd can do. His biggest accomplishments are in primary school when he won best footballer, best all round student. He would have also won the trophy for valedictorian but was beaten to it by Ifeaye Murray. He also came in the top one hundred students in the country at the Secondary Entrance Assessment. He has graduated from Atwell’s learning Institute to Hillview College in the year 2010 . He is now in Form Three having placed first in the class in Form One and Second in the class in Form 2. He is interested in learning about technology as his future career requires it. His hobbies are...
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