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Longno, Joanne Cristy D. Eng 002 / 8:30-9:30 MWF Prof. Cariaga, Meryl September 19, 2014

Keesha Lenn Mangapot Tamayo

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a chemist, a scientist or even an inventor? Keesha Lenn Mangapot Tamayo is recently on her way of becoming the successful one. She is now taking Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Technological University of the Philippines Manila, her stepping stone to success.

Keesha is the youngest and the only daughter of Amadeo Abalos Tamayo and Genalin Mangapot Tamayo. Amadeon, 45 years old, is a Sound System Operator while Genalin, 43 years old, is a Freelancer. On November 11, 1994, Keesha was born at the city of Mandaluyong, seven months after the DNA Computing was demonstrated by the famous Chemical Engineer and inventor Leonard Adlemen. He was one of the persons who inspired her to pursue her dreams.

Both parents were catholic by religion and for that their children followed their beliefs. Keesha and her brother Deous Kyle Tamayo grew up to be religious children since they were taught to be a good follower of Christ in Catholic Church. Guidance and manners were properly implemented by their parents. They see to it that good education will be given to Keesha and Kyle. Like any other child of today’s generation, Keesha entered the nursery at Rembrandt Christian School in Quezon City, her first experience of attending a school. Her kindergarten was at Diliman Preparatory School Annex in Novaliches, Quezon City and she was always on top of the class. Grade school was also a memorable part of Keesha’s life and as always, she was on a competitive rank. She’s very active both in extracurricular and academic studies. Having good grades strengthens her to fulfill her dreams.

Freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior are full of enjoyment, competition and trials for a teenager like Keesha. Friends are unavoidable but she managed to balance her studies and friendship. She took the...
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