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PSYC 100/100H, Assignment #1. Follow the instructions listed below and submit your assignment at the beginning of class, Sept. 18. Only 2 of the 3 assignments will be used for the grade. These will be the 2 highest assignment scores that you have. Each assignment is worth a maximum of 45 points. You must submit all parts of an assignment by the assignment deadline for full credit. Assignments must be at least 4 full pages and no more than 5 full pages in length, Times New Roman font, 12 point font size, typed and double-spaced. If you are not able to access a website for an assignment, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor in a timely manner. Remember that you must submit all parts of a multipart assignment to receive full credit. Late assignments will only be accepted at the next class meeting following the due date (Sept. 20) and 10 points will be deducted for late assignments. Assignments will not be accepted if they are emailed or sent as file attachments. If you email your assignment, it will be deleted and you will get 0 points for it. Only hard copies of the assignment submitted in class or at my office hours will be accepted. Writing assignments: These assignments are designed to reflect your critical thinking ability. In doing the assignments you must demonstrate the following aspects of critical thinking and satisfy the following criteria regarding content, organization, and writing skills. Appropriate content includes sentences or paragraphs that respond to the topic(s). Additional aspects of content include major points and supporting ideas that are accurate and related to your response. End your response by summarizing major points. Appropriate organization requires that your main theme appear near the beginning of your response. Major points should be arranged in an order that is logical and coherent. Appropriate writing skills require that you use complete sentences, correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and other mechanics of good...
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