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Samantha Jones
The Biography Of Brittany Murphy

Like many actresses, Brittany Murphy started her career as a child. She started out at the age of 14, on the Fox sitcom, Drexell’s Class. Murphy played Brenda Drexell, who was the daughter of Mr. Drexell. She then got a part in the movie Clueless, as the new girl at Cher and Dionne’s school. The characters name was Tai; she was such an airhead, but sweet and funny. Murphy played in 8 Mile, Uptown Girls, Freeway, Little Black Book, and many other movies. The last movie for her to play in was Happy Feet.

Brittany Murphy was born November 10, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, but she grew up in Edison, New Jersey. When she was younger, she would tell her mother that she wanted to be seen on television. “I’m going to get an agent and do commercials and work in New York. Then I’m going to move to Los Angeles, be in movies in Hollywood and then come back and do Broadway. Then I’ll probably have a huge musical career. I am going to change the world.” These are the words that she said to a television station when she was younger.

Brittany Murphy was hardly around her father, but her mother on the other hand, they were close as could be. Angelo Bertolotti, Murphy’s father, was in and out of jail all of Brittany’s life. She tried to keep him a secret. Sharon Murphy, mother, and Bertolotti were once married, but divorced when Brittany was a toddler, so Brittany took her mothers last name. From then on she didn’t see her father. He was in the mob life. Hanging out with dangerous people, involved in organized crime.

Murphy was a triple threat to everyone. She could sing, dance, and act. How much better does it get? She started acting school at age five, and then later on got into voice and dance lessons. In the 90’s she started a band that went by the name of Blessed Soul, with another actress Eric Balfour. She was nominated for 13 awards but only won two of them. In 2002 she won the standout performance by a young...

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