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I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1994. I have two brothers and one sister. My father left my life before the age of one, while my mother made the choice to join the Army, and my grandmother was the homemaker.

My mom made sure there was stability in the home making sure we were taken care of, protected and safe. My brothers were the oldest of the girls and they were very spoiled by everyone in the home; they loved playing game systems, and running around playing ball in the backyard. My sister and I were very different; my sister played with baby-dolls, while I lived my own life and doing stuff I enjoy. My grandmother was a 5-foot tall woman who never let a gray hair grow in her head type of person. She was a very sweet but very strict women; she made sure we arrived at school on time, did our homework, and made sure we did our daily chores so the house was kept very organize and clean. We lived in a four bedroom, one in half bathroom, with a decent size backyard. As far as the neighborhood it was city living, convenient stores located on just about every corner. We would go every day to one of the stores to get some penny candy. My mother put my sister and I in a public school and put my brothers in an alternative school.

My mother was a beautiful woman she has always been a loving person, and always put others before herself. Since my mother was in the Army she wasn't able to spend a lot of her time with her kids, but on her days off she would always try to make me and my siblings feel evenly loved by doing stuff that interested us in our own way’s. Living with my family was always a joy; everyday my mom had something planned for us like when we went to putt putt golf for the first time it was amazing. We did every activity they had such as bumper cars, arcade games and of course we played golf. I had so much excitement built inside me that I won second place in golf. After such a great day there we went home and mom made my favorite dinner; pork...
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