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Im Julius B. Blaquera, 22 years old from guimba, san juan, abra. I was born no November 1, 1992. Presently residing at purok 4 in maseill- seil, umingan, pangasinan. My father is Arturo millare and my mother is celia B. Blaquera. I am the fourth child among the five children in the family. During my elementary years, I studied at san juan central school. 1998 to 2004 and high school at st john high school year 2005 to 2009 in college, I took up bachelor of science in information technology at abra state institute science and technology at lagangilang abra. Because of transferred of residency from abra to pangasinan, I was not able to finish my studies, I enrolled at sta. catalina college of science and technology taking up automotive nc1. Just to continue my schooling. But since, I want to become a degree holder, again in 2012, I enrolled here at core gateway college taking up bachelor of science in commerce major in business management. Im doing my best to finish my studies so that I can find a better job that will help me to give my family a better life someday. I hope that all my dreams will come true. Through the guidance of our lord jesus Christ. As the saying goes this way that, ‘the important thing in life is to have a great aim to posses the attitude and perseverance to attain it’. Which stated by J.W Goethe, which emphasizes that life really a matter of journey, there is always rise and fall, but we must learn to get up and face a new day to attain our goal or dream in life and to become a successful in the future, we must not stop dreaming and aiming not only for the better but for the best.

Julius B. Blaquera
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