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Biofuel 2
One of the hottest topics in the new Millennium being discussed on Capitol Hill is called Biofuels. This type of fuel that is being brought to the American people is the new and improved way of becoming proficient and efficient in energy. The Untied States would convince the people along with other countries through policy that this renewable energy called biofuels would help in ever effort to reduce the dependency of fossil fuel. There are some key principals in developing new guideline to the use of biofuel which is vital to the population as a whole. Biofuel is classified as a type of gas that is blended with enthanol. The word biofuel derived for biomass and this particular fuel is caused to help transportation not to harm the environment. Biofuel burns clearer than then regular gasoline and in the near future will reduce less greenhouses.

However in the 20th century Henry Ford, saw a great need for biofuel and wanted to sample the fuel in his new model T. car along with the enthanol. The problem that presented itself back then was the petroleum oil and the great deals that companies received. Now the oil is being demanded again due to the spike in gas prices and hoping to save the environment from less pollution.

Biofuels is being announced by environmentalists and government leaders as to why this gas is promising and can achieve the goal that it is set out to do. Reducing the use of fossil fuel, if not replacing fossil fuels and lowering CO2 emissions (e.g., Farrell et al. 2006; Ragauskas et al. 2006). Another way to present and promote the fuel would be through biodiversity in practices that are friendly to biofuels. There plans to promote this would be by given sustainable and low impact feedstock’s with a small ecological footprint, maintain the habitats way of food stock, and require the net carbon neutral biofuels (USDA NASS 2007).

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The reason behind this great demand on the...
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