Topics: Biofuel, Internal combustion engine, Ethanol fuel Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: May 27, 2007

Now that gasoline is $ 3.09 and is predicted to go up even more. Wouldn't you like to find a different way to get fuel and save money? It is known that American drivers fill their vehicles with nearly one hundred billion gallons of gasoline every year. If gas stayed at $ 3.09, we would spend about $ 6427.20. This is if you had a forty gallon tank and filled once a week. Well, biofuels could be the answer to your energy crisis. Biofuels include items such as plants, like corn and soybeans, trees, cow manure, and many other animal types of manure. Biofuels are renewable, will never run out, and will also help our environment. As you can see, biofuels would be very useful in always.

Biofuels can help boost our environment. Countless floss Fuels cause many pollutants. This is what is causing global warming and the green house effect. The renewable resources, such as biofuels, are very good for the environment. The fuels will burn off carbon dioxide, which the plants need for photosynthesis. The plants take in the carbon dioxide at the same rate as it gives off oxygen. It also helps the reduction of soil erosion and water pollution. This lets the crops that are used as fuel, stay stabilized and not get washed away during a storm or heavy rains. These plants can provide shade for the fish, which live in the clean waters. Then the birds and other animals can find protection in the crops. Many of the pollutants are significantly decreasing. Pollution is almost always caused by cars, trucks, business and homes.

Biofuels can also boost our economy. The economy will benefit by reducing the amount of oil we get from foreign countries. It will also bring an estimated seventeen thousand jobs to the agriculture department. Right now we are spending fifty billion dollars on imported oil very year. If half of that money would go to our local farmers instead of foreign countries, it would help our economy tremendously. By doing this, it could increase our...
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