Topics: Fossil fuel, Petroleum, Biofuel Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Crude oil is the term for raw, unprocessed oil that is taken directly from the ground from which petroleum is made from. Crude oil is a fossil fuel which is the result of plant and animal matter that has been decaying in the earths crust for millions of years. (Craig Freudenrich, 2012.) Earth is an industrialized planet that needs more and more oil each day to keep up with the demand of our energy usage. The big issue with Crude oil is that it is non-renewable. This means that when we run out of it, we can’t just make some more, the process of making crude oil takes millions of years. If science doesn't find alternatives to crude oil then we will soon be a power-less planet. Biofuels are made from agricultural crops like corn and sugar cane. The plant matter then goes through many chemical process that leads to the production of ethanol and other biofuel products. The process of making biofuels into biomass in the biorefinery plant is spilt up into 6 stages: Filtering, Removing the water, titration, preparation of sodium methoxide, heating and mixing and finally, settling and separation. (, 2010.) Among many thing, biofuels can be used to replace the use of fossil fuels in our transportation. Australian airline Qantas has recently launched the nation’s first commercial flight using a 50-50 mixture of recycled cooking oil and regular jet fuel. The airbus A330 left Sydney for Adelaide in what the airline hopes will be the first step towards a sustainable aviation fuel industry in Australia (SBS World News, 2011.) Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce says that “We need to get ready for a future that is not based on traditional jet fuel or frankly we don’t have a future.” (AFP, 2012) Even though the use of biofuels will reduce our carbon gas emissions, it takes its toll on our environment. In BBC News’ article “UN warns on impacts of biofuels”, it notes that biofuels can be a good thing if used properly but can bring conflict causing consequences...
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