Biodiversity Action Plans

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Britain’s Biodiversity Action Plans

The meaning of biodiversity is all the variations of life, how they interact and how healthy they are. This includes all of the different species in the world and the ecosystems and how they interact with each other and survive. The countryside is rich in biodiversity because it contains many species of flora and fauna whilst it is lower within towns. Biodiversity is important to humans because these ecological systems provide us with resources like food, medicine and industrial products as well as enabling us to breath. If one aspect for example insects greatly declined then this would have a negative impact on the other parts of the tropic levels in that system. Governments around the world have begun to understand the importance of biodiversity and in 1992 the United Nations had 150 states meet for a conference on Environment and Development and made programmes such as Agenda 21, which were created to ensure that countries maintain their biodiversity through sustainable development.

The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is a global program that highlights the decline of species and the habitats that sustain their existence. This was put into place to protect them, put a stop to the decline and start to restore what was lost. The program was introduced in 1992 in the Rio de Janeiro conference as a response by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). By 2009, 191 countries consented to the CBD but only a small amount of these have developed substantive BAP documents.

Out of all of the countries Britain was the first to set up it’s national BAP after consulting with three hundred organisations throughout the island. It was introduced in 1994 to protect 391 different species including the Lota lota fish and the wild flower, Crepis mollis as well as 45 habitat action plans, which include heathland and traditional orchards. In 2007 there has been an identification of 1150 different species and 65 habitats in the UK...
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