Topics: IUCN Red List, Extinction, Evolution Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: September 12, 2013
Language Analysis:

The International Biodiversity Conference in October represented a collective international effort to protect biodiversity on the planet, which began in 2002 with an international commitment. These efforts were then analyzed at the conference, and in the key speech, Dr Chris Lee explained the urgency of action to alleviate further loss of biodiversity. His target audience is first politicians and scientists, although an invitation is extended towards the wider community to join the cause. Lee speaks in a moralizing, instructive tone that moves the audience to see the vulnerability of the Earth.

The subheading of the title, ‘Taking Stock’ in the opening slide of Dr Lee’s presentation is indicative of the conference being for the purpose of analyzing efforts made towards protecting biodiversity since 2002. ‘Taking Stock’ in this instance, is referring to the total species of the entire world. The accompanying visual in the opening slideshow ‘2010’ in bold print, but inside the numbers there is depicted various ‘flora and fauna’, some fish and waves, a flamingo, a tree and a man and boy, collectively representing biodiversity. The boy holding the man’s hand is a moral message that, the next generation looks to the adults of this generation, and therefore it is vital that they set the example for the future, and improve sustainability.

In Lee’s opening statement Dr Lee announces the “vital significance” of 2010, the UN International Year of Biodiversity. Lee quotes the UN announcement that 2010 is a “celebration of life on earth” but then being rheoretical, asks the audience if 2010 has been a year of celebration, of action. Lee encourages the audience to question themselves and the amount of action they have taken, and suddenly presents confronting and shocking statistics on the loss of biodiversity in the past century, then stating that it was “due to our own thoughtless actions” that such loss of biodiversity was happening at up to...
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