Biodegradable Plastic Bags - Environment Groups' New Advocacy

Topics: Recycling, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Waste Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: May 1, 2013
What comes to your mind once you hear the term "plastic?" A lot of people assume that it's a thing bad for environmental surroundings, causes pollution and contributes to climatic change. If you've got the same thinking, then you as well are misinformed. Plastic bags, as an example, have several positive aspects probably you don't know. They now appear in eco-friendly functions. This article will go over the great benefits of working with earth-friendly plastic bags. Environment supporters know about these things. Please read on to understand more about it.

Most manufacturers nowadays produce bio-degradable plastic bags. Environment organizations and advocates promote this. Bio-degradable suggests they breakdown faster in comparison with other plastic items which take thousands of years to decay. Lots of consumers debate that this particular type just isn't as sturdy as the traditional plastic bags. Environment experts, nevertheless, demonstrate that this feature does not affect its durability as a container of various goods.

Lots of individuals also believe paper bags are better than plastic bags. Keep in mind, paper production entails cutting down thousands of trees annually. Also, the United States' Environment Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that plastic manufacturing utilizes 40% less energy and yields 80% less solid waste than paper. Now, which is more "harmful to the environment?".

Furthermore, plastic bags are resistant against rain and water compared with many paper bags. Imagine shopping in a wet market. Would you still prefer paper bags? How about shopping while it is raining outside? The thing is that, plastic bags are still more practical. You can actually use them several times while paper bags, once soaked, won't be of use anymore.

How about those non-biodegradable plastic items some people are still making use of? EPA indicates that it takes 91% less energy to recycle a pound of plastic than to recycle the same volume of paper. The...
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